$99.00 USD
Discover unparalleled comfort with our advanced sitz bath, specially designed to alleviate the discomfort of hemorrhoids and other medical conditions. Perfect for those seeking relief, including pregnant women, post-operative patients, and individuals with limited mobility.

Medical-Grade Materials: Crafted from premium medical-grade materials, our sitz bath guarantees safety and harmlessness to the body. Feel confident using salt or other treatments, knowing you're benefiting from a product that's both safe and effective.

Convenient & Foldable: Effortless storage meets enhanced convenience. Enjoy the soothing relief in the comfort of your home.

Upgraded Customized Version: Redefining tradition, our upgraded version boasts a user-centric design. Its comfortable shape and user-friendly features ensure a seamless experience.

Bid Farewell to Discomfort: Whether battling hemorrhoids or other medical discomforts, our sitz bath is your ideal solution. Experience ease of use, convenience, and effectiveness, paving the way for a more comfortable daily life.