$499.00 USD

Make bottle instantly : serves perfect temp bottle quickly in just 25 seconds! Simply dispense, scoop and mix. Calm a screaming baby instantly. It keeps water at the desired temperature 24/7, body temp water standby anytime. Change the traditional time wasting way of warming bottle in hot water or bottle warmer.

Temp Adjustable between 37℃-95℃:   specially designed to accommodate with different formula and baby preference. The ideal formula feeding temp is body temp 98.6°F, since it’s the same as fresh breast milk. You can also use it as drinking water dispenser at 104/122°F set. Plus, the water temperature can get as high as 158°F, so you can make tea, coffee when the baby gets older.

Thoughtful Night Light : This water warmer for baby formula comes with Night light lights up when dispensing, convenient for checking the water output and avoid mess at mid-night. The soft night light perfectly comforts hungry and crying baby, makes your baby enjoy a sweet night.

Safer Material Yet High performance: This baby instant warmer is made of glass and BPA-Free plastic, 100% food-grade high-temperature resistant material. No plastic smell, No harmful ingredients. Anti-leak, non-toxic, safe for baby.

Detachable Water Tank: The water tank of this baby water warmer for formula can be easily removed from the base for cleaning. It’s lightweight and small, and does not take up space. The size is compatible with all brands and types of bottles.